Report a Claim

All Policyholders in the following programs should report all claims to Meadowbrook Claims Center at (800) 825-9489.
  • Environmental Program
  • Garage Dealers Program
  • Irrigation Systems Program
  • Ocean Marine Program
  • Oil and Gas Program
For your convenience, you are able to submit a claim 24 hours per day/7 days a week on-line by completing the correct form below based on your relationship with Century Surety Company or ProCentury Insurance Company and the type of claim to be reported.
General Agent or Retail Agent: Policyholder or Other: All other Policyholders should report all claims to their Retail Agent. If your Retail Agent is unknown, you can report your claim directly to Century via fax at (614) 895-7040 or email your loss information to Please contact the Century Claims Center at (800) 825-9489 for any additional assistance.

Thank you for reporting your new claim.